What Is Vinyl Wrapping?

Posted on 1 December 2020

You’ve heard about a new, innovative way to renovate your existing surfaces but alas, you have no idea what vinyl wrapping is. Lucky you, you ended up here; the page I am going to direct every single person to with the burning question ‘what is vinyl wrapping?’

Believe it or not, despite having a video filmed that we thought showed exactly what vinyl wrapping is, along with all the benefits and a jazzy little theme tune…there are plenty of people who watched this masterpiece and did not understand what was going on.

Do we just know what vinyl wrapping is and we aren’t explaining it in a good enough way? Possibly. Buckle up because for the first time in 2020, you’re going to have absolute clarity on something.


What is vinyl?

I’m not teaching anyone to suck eggs here, but if you think we can come and lay a wet room floor for you, we can’t. That’s not the vinyl we use. We usually call it interior film or architectural film, although for the purposes of this blog we’ll refer to it as vinyl wrapping. It has a thickness of 0.25mm on average compared to the standard 2mm-8mm of flooring vinyl. In other words, it’s thin. Oh, and it’s self-adhesive.

Think decoration. The vinyl is printed with a pattern, say a woodgrain as pictured below. It also has a textured layer so that it feels and looks more realistic.

Go as wild as you want here, the collection isn’t limited to wood. Metals (brushed copper, gold, etc), solid colours, marbles, the choice is yours.LG interior film vinyl material woodgrain


What can you vinyl wrap?

You know what vinyl is, you know it looks a million dollars but you have no idea what you’re going to do with it. We throw the word ‘surfaces’ around like it’s going out of fashion, but we cannot wrap every single surface. Solid surfaces that have a sound substrate are the sweet spot here. By that, I mean hard surfaces that aren’t falling to bits or completely knackered.

Examples (click to see our projects):

– Doors

Reception desks

Bar tops & café counters



– IPS Panels

– Fitted kitchens/bedroom furniture

– Walls

Meeting room tables


We cannot wrap:

– Your nan’s armchair

– Similar fabric covered surfaces


Why Vinyl Wrap?

For the purposes of this section, please tune in to your imagination. You’re the big boss of a fit-out company, interior designer, project manager, be whoever you want to be here, but be a decision maker. You know that this vinyl is all singing and all dancing because a Northern woman is blogging about it right now before your very eyes.

You know that that crappy furniture in your hotel/student accommodation/gym (delete as appropriate) hasn’t been updated for the last 15 years and you know your customers will appreciate it being given a facelift. Hell, those customers will probably splash a bit more cash with you if the experience at that establishment is better. You know it will cost a small fortune to replace and you want it vinyl wrapped instead – who wouldn’t want to save an average of 60% on their costs?

We will lay the vinyl on top of that existing surface. If the term ‘laying vinyl’ sounds a bit odd, use the word install or fit. This takes skill, patience and the occasional swear word.

Whilst we are installing the vinyl, we will not need an expensive skip. Apart from some tuneful singing from Kane (at no extra charge), this process is quiet. You can go about your normal activities without interruption. We won’t be there long either, this is not a lengthy process. Your surroundings will be free from installers a lot faster than if you were to start messing about ripping everything out and ordering replacements.

The surface will be transformed into something beautiful and you will love it. Your clients and their customers will love it. Your bank balance will not be hit like a ton of bricks and so your accountant will also love it.



Is vinyl durable?

The product we use and rave about, LG Benif Interior Film is very durable. It’s been tested to the same durability as floor paint.


How does it perform in extreme temperatures?

The adhesion will last in temperatures of -30 – 60degrees C. Unless you’ve got your heating on as high as we have, the temperature should be fine.


How do I clean vinyl?

Just as you normally would with any surface. If you leave bleach sat on it for hours then it will discolour. If you have no intention of doing that then your normal cleaning routine will not damage anything.



Get In Touch

If you need to know more, then drop us a line at hello@fusion-surfaces.co.uk and we will answer any other questions you have. But remember, you need an upholsterer for your nan’s armchair, not a vinyl wrapping service.