New Kitchen Cabinets vs Refacing

Posted on 22 November 2020

The kitchen. The focal point of any home; it’s where guests congregate at house parties and family dinners (albeit not at the moment) even when you’ve encouraged them to sit in the other room. It’s the deal breaker for house buyers and one of the many reasons people have just had enough of their homes during the lockdown. A landlord’s nightmare to replace, but the temptation of a higher % yield warrants the job. Unfortunately, these things don’t come cheap. So, after spending the best part of nine months staring at those wooden shaker cabinets, you may be asking yourself the question: what’s the cheapest way to get a new kitchen?


New kitchen cost

Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know new-kitchen-wise. Having replaced my own kitchen 18 months ago, I am well equipped to give you some cost examples. To give you a bit of background, I’ll start by explaining why I didn’t reface my kitchen cupboards back then using the wrapping solution we provide and preach the endless benefits about. At a guess, the existing kitchen had been installed somewhere between 1970-1980 and was made up of a diverse range of cupboard doors. Let’s say it matched the floral tiles and green vinyl flooring tiles quite well, but wasn’t to my taste. The functionality of the kitchen, of which some sections were free-standing, was also something that interior film – the fancy name we call vinyl – couldn’t really have made much of a difference to.

With the decision quite apparent that replacing the kitchen was the only way forward here, we set to work. And wow, that was some work for two women with a then-three-year-old in tow for the majority of the time. Ringing a skip hire, and I needed two…£200 a pop. Even worse if, like me, you don’t have a drive because it’ll be £35 to get the bloody thing parked on the road.

I’ll keep a running total for you as we go along, if you’ve made it this far down then I’m assuming you’re waiting with bated breath to find out the final cost.

We’re at £470.

And I hadn’t even bought a new kitchen. Cue plenty of expletives.

Then the new kitchen itself. Fourteen flat kitchen cabinets, a drawer stack, and the cheapest oven on offer. No other appliances were included in the £3500 price tag.

Guess what? Someone had to come and fit it. That was £550.

Thankfully, the kitchen looked great. Getting shut of the floral tiles and green vinyl really topped it off and everyone was happy, especially Zopa as they are getting a cool 9% interest off us every month to pay for the kitchen.

Total cost: £4520*

*plus whatever Zopa are making for the next four years.


Why are new kitchens so expensive?

The re-structure of a kitchen is often more expensive than making improvements to the existing layout. If you’re happy with the existing layout of your kitchen and things are looking a bit tired and in need of a makeover, that is where we can help. Small chips in the cupboards we can fill and sand before wrapping. A cracked cupboard hanging off its hinges can’t be wrapped. You wouldn’t put a fabric plaster on a broken arm, would you? Same principle.


Are kitchen cabinets expensive on their own?

An alternative to using us to wrap your kitchen would be this: get yourself down to your local DIY store and get some new cabinet doors. Just make sure they match the colour of your plinths exactly or you’ll have to replace those too. And if you’ve got cornices/pelmets, be sure to get replacements of those too. If you aren’t a joiner or a remotely handy person, get them out to fit those all-important finishing touches. You’re probably racking up a cost now even if you’re leaving the worktop and carcasses in to save some money.


Not just a cheaper kitchen…

If you’ve reached this point in the blog, it’s safe to assume one of three things.

1) You have established that your kitchen is beyond repair or you’re re-structuring the layout and are frantically wondering if there is anyone who will give you a loan for less than 9% interest.

2) You couldn’t care less if your cupboards don’t match anything else and have already scheduled time to nip to B&Q next Sunday with your other half to pick some new ones up.

3) You think that wrapping could be the way forward for you.

Apologies if you’re a 1 or a 2 on the list. You’re not for us either, although we wish you well in your dream kitchen endeavours.

Listen up 3’s because this is where it gets interesting for you.

Do you care about the cost of refacing your kitchen? Of course you do, you didn’t stumble across this blog looking to spend as much money as possible.

Here’s an example. A kitchen the size of mine (remember, new – £4520) could be up to 85% cheaper if you had it wrapped.

Here’s a list of other things you won’t need to worry about:

– Mess

– Noise

– Being without a kitchen for weeks (average install is 1-2 days)

– Emptying your cupboards

And a few more benefits:

– Easy to clean

Quality craftmanship (check out our testimonials)

– Antimicrobial properties (kills 96.7% of bacteria in a protective layer)

– Hard wearing

– An adhesion life of 10+ years

– A cheap kitchen can look more expensive

– A new-look kitchen adds value to your home

It is important to note here that the material we install is not £2.99 from a 25% trusted eBay seller. It is high quality, fire rated and from an internationally trusted brand, LG. If you choose to wrap your kitchen yourself after watching a few YouTube videos then please call us when you realise it takes a professional to fit it – we have those and I can honestly say they’re fantastic.


Commercial Clients

From student accommodation kitchen refurbishments to school staff room kitchens on a budget, we’ve got it covered. If you’ve got a theme in mind, an interior designer on board with a keen eye for detail, or just a ‘knowing’ that something needs to be done but you don’t know where to start, we can find designs to match a scheme or work alongside you to help you find the perfect finish.


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